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Why Customers Use Car Planet to Sell My Car In Adeliade

Looking for a stress-free way to sell your car in Adelaide? CarPlanet can make the whole job easy for you while ensuring that you get the best price for your used vehicle. 

We are one of the top-rated used car buyers in Australia with locations across all states and territories. 

You can count on us to make it easier for you to sell your current car and get the money you deserve in Adelaide. 

Here is how you can sell your car in Adelaide as easy as 1-2-3. 

Thinking Of Selling Your Vehicle?

There are number of deciding factors that can make it worthwhile for you to sell your vehicle for the best price. 

You could be looking to get a swanky new car with the latest trims or trying to cut costs by downsizing. Maybe your car is no longer road worthy and you don’t want to take it to the scrapyard yourself. 

At CarPlanet, we have a vast network of dealers that have been selected because they will pay the most money for your car in every situation. 

For instance, we have dealers who need old vehicles that are no longer road worthy, for their parts. This allows us to pay you much more than what a scrapyard will offer. 

You can also save on the advertising costs, hassles, and efforts required in finding a private buyer. We can be your point of contact when you want to sell your vehicle by offering multiple benefits in return, such as:

  • Free and quick online valuation
  • Free cash offer
  • Best price
  • Zero hassles
  • Convenient timing
  • Free pick-up and tow
  • Same day payment

Why Sell Your Car To Car Planet

If you have decided on selling your car, then all you need to do is get in touch with us. Give us a call or leave your details on our online form, and we will get in touch with as soon as possible. This generally does not take more than 2 – 24 working hours. 

You would have to provide certain details regarding your car to the representative for determining its value. 

For instance, we will need the make, model, year of purchase, whether you are the first owner or not, mileage on the vehicle, and exterior and interior body condition, among other details. 

It will help if you can let us know why you are selling your car in the first place. 

With this information, our industry experience and knowledge, and state-of-the-art computer system, we shall provide you with an accurate valuation of what we think your car is worth. 

The best part is that we will stick to this price till the end of the contract. You don’t have to worry about nasty hidden surprises or price deductions at the last minute. 

If you are honest about the issues in your car and any damage, you can be sure that the price we quote will stick. 

All car valuation offers by CarPlanet are no obligation. You can walk away from the best price quoted by us, at no cost. What’s more? If you don’t find a better deal for your car, and if its condition remains unchanged, then we will stick to the same price. 

We want you to get the best price for your vehicle for which we encourage that you shop around. 

We provide the easiest and the most stress-free way to sell your car. We pay top dollar to take your vehicle off your hands, leaving you free with financial leverage and the money to do other things you want. 

We can pay you in same-day cash or have the amount transferred to your savings account, at no extra charge. 

Make sure that once you sell your car at CarPlanet you take the license plate from your vehicle and return them to the nearest dept. of motor vehicles.

The department shall provide you with a receipt which you should keep safely in your records. You should also cancel the insurance policy on your vehicle by calling the insurance company. 

Instant Free Online Offer in Adelaide

Say no to waiting days on end to sell your car. CarPlanet gives you instant free online quotes to make it easier and quicker for you to sell your vehicle. 

We understand the problems that come with private sells. You can avoid all those troubles and hassles by selling your car to us. 

Firstly, you don’t have to pay a dime in advertising costs or waste precious hours clicking true-to-life pictures of the vehicle. 

Secondly, you don’t have to waste days looking for a buyer who may or may not make an offer. You can contact us on the day you decide to sell your vehicle and have it sold instantly, on the same day itself. 

Sell Any Car in Adelaide

CarPlanet is your one stop for selling any kind of vehicle for the best price in Adelaide. Our obligation free offers are guaranteed to be the best in the area with the best customer service as well. 

We accept cars that are late model vehicles that no longer have any buyers, or vehicles which were recently in an accident and are still damaged. 

You can also count on us to give you the best price if you are tired of having your old car spend more time at the workshop than on the road. We accept cars that have engine damage or are completely totalled as well. 

In fact, we may also have something for vehicles which have been written off as scrap by the insurance companies. 

There are many used car buyers who don’t accept luxury vehicles because of the cost associated with it. You don’t have to face those problems at CarPlanet. Apart from luxury vehicles, we also accept convertibles, SUV’s, 4WDs, and campers, of all brands including Toyota and Nissan.

We are a nationwide car buyer and buy all types of autos, whether they are imported or foreign manufactured vehicles sold in Australia. 

You can count on us to buy all conditions and ages of vehicles, whether they are in running condition or not. 

At CarPlanet, we buy cars that still have money owing on it. We can arrange to pay your finance company when you sell your car to us. 

You don’t have to worry about anything because we take care of it all for you. We like to keep things simple where our customers are concerned. 

Other Advantages of CarPlanet

We aim to simplify the process of selling your car to make it easier for you to get the best price in Adelaide. We pay good money for your car and best of all we make the whole process quick, painless and simple. 

There are a number of factors that determine the final value of your vehicle. We are experienced and have been in the industry for years now. You don’t have to worry about us valuing your vehicle at a lower rate due to incompetence. 

In fact, if you want our representative would love to walk-you through all factors our algorithms take into account while appraising your vehicle. 

Selling your car with CarPlanet is much safer and simpler than selling your vehicle privately or visiting a dealer to sell your car because we make it worth your time and money. 

Every vehicle picked up by CarPlanet is free of charge. You don’t have to pay for the towing as well if your vehicle is not in good running condition.

In fact, we can help even if you don’t have the keys to your car or have lost it. We can help you obtain copies of your keys. 

Another advantage of selling your car in Adelaide to CarPlanet is that you don’t have to be around for the sale. 

While we prefer the owner to be with the vehicle, when we come to collect it, we understand that it is not always possible. 

We can still pick up your vehicle and leave the necessary amount with your representative. However, make sure you let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements. Also, remember to leave the documents with the individual. 

We can pay you in cold cash, or sign a check in your name. If you want we can also have a money order drafted in your name. 

Selling To Car Planet Can Be better than Trade-Ins

Most people are confused between selling their vehicle and opting for a trade-in. Car owners believe that dealers will give them a better price on the new car when they trade-in their vehicle. Car dealerships are hard negotiators and they never drive a bargain. 

You are almost always better off selling your vehicle than trading it in, depending upon the circumstances. However, don’t take our word for it. 

It’s best to shop around and compare rates before you decide on selling your car to us. We promise to offer the best value for your car. 

Sell Your Car in Adelaide

Adelaide is the fifth-most populous city of Australia and while you may think the numbers are in your favour, it can be very difficult to attain the best price by selling your vehicle privately or to a dealer. 

Sell your vehicle to CarPlanet if you are looking for the best price in Adelaide.