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How to Get The Best Price in Australia When Selling Your Used Nissan Vehicle 

Changes in lifestyle often dictate when it’s time to sell your car, but the only way you can get the best price is if you pay attention to the right considerations.  

If you have decided to sell your used Nissan automobile, then it is time to understand that selling it is going to be more than just putting up an online ad.  

Here is everything you need to do to get the best price when selling your used Nissan vehicle in Australia.  

When Is The Best Time To Sell A Nissan

Most people sell their Nissan when it becomes more costly to own and repair it than just buying a new one.  

However, this is where most car owners make a rookie mistake. Nobody wants to buy a clunker and the only way you are going to get top dollar for your car is if you time the sale right.  

The optimal time to sell your Nissan is before it reaches the 100,000 kilometre psychological barrier.  

Once it is beyond that threshold, you would realize that there are less premium buyers, making the selling price take a huge hit. Your Nissan will enter a whole new pool of bargain buyers if you hold on to it any longer.  

The 50,000 – 75,000 kilometre mark or when it is 3 – 5 years old is the best time to sell your car. The fact that your car is still under manufacturer’s warranty will make it more attractive to buyers. There are other factors as well that make early sales a good thing.  

For instance, as a Nissan grows older, it requires tire changes (which can cost upwards of $1,000) and maintenance to cambelt service.  

Then there is the depreciation which brings down a car’s value by 20% each year for the first 5 years. Nissan also tends to update its car models every few years, which makes it wiser to sell a used one before a new model is launched.  

Nissan Values As A Used Vehicle

Most car owners are not aware that used cars market is seasonal with supply and demand changing throughout the year.  

You need to choose the right time if you want the best price on your Nissan. Seasons, holidays and even when your car was first registered can play a major role in setting the price.  

Understand that the slowest period to sell your car is in winter and during the holidays, regardless of the kind of vehicle you have. Statistically speaking, most family cars sell for more during spring and autumn.  

So, if you have an X-Trail or a Pathfinder, these months could be your best shot at getting the asking price.  

Regardless of the vehicle you own, make sure you maintain it carefully to preserve its appearance and have it serviced regularly to get the best price.  

Popular Ways To Sell A Vehicle In Australia

There are multiple options, both online and physical, where you can sell your used Nissan. It is important to understand all these options and select the best one that matches your circumstances.  

For instance, if you are looking to buy a new car quickly after selling your old Nissan, then a trade-in could be the best option. Make sure you negotiate separately for the old car and new one.  

You could also consider selling your car for cash to any of the numerous car dealers listed online. Car buying services are for people who want the best price without the hassle of private sales and auctions.  

Some premier car buying services tow the car free-of-charge from your location. They are also quick with payments so that makes them a great option.  

Private sales are recommended when you have time on your hands to do the extra work (like, clicking photos, advertising) and don’t mind giving strangers your phone number and address.  

You would also have to take care of documentation and paperwork, like transferring over the registration certificate. Selling privately takes the longest when you are after top dollar.  

Auctions should be the last resort since typical prices realized at an auction are almost 20% lower than market rates.  

You also have to pay auction selling fee which brings down your profit. The only advantage of auction sales is that your car will sell quickly.  

Preparing Your Vehicle For Sale

There’s an art to good salesmanship and to get the best price on your Nissan, you need to make sure it stands out from the crowd.  

Regardless of the sales avenue you choose, it’s in your best interests to present your car at its best. See our guide on best car sale sites in Australia. This can easily be done by factoring in the condition of your car, odometer reading, colour, type of transmission, remaining registration, and warranty.  

A Good Clean Is Reccomended

The basic and foremost thing you need to do before putting up your car for sale is to give it a good and thorough cleaning.  

You can do this yourself or take it to a serviced car wash, who will charge anywhere from $150 to $200. You really need to pay attention to the exteriors, including tyre ruts and the underside.  

Many people miss out on cleaning the interiors which can cause one to lose potential premium buyers. Get rid of snacking refuse, stains, and personal effects. Clear out the glove box and remove any bumper stickers. Make the car look as presentable as possible to give a potential buyer a ‘new car’ feel.  

Assess If You Will Address Any Repair Items On Your Car

You also ought to take care of any pesky repair problems. There is no need to go to the service station if you are handy with DIY kits. You can easily fix stuck windows, squeaky hinges, and the minor scratch on your Nissan.  

For major repairs, it is advisable to visit the nearest repair station. However, be smart about spending upon repairs. Spend only if you are sure to recover the money.  

Tyres and Documents 

You need to pay attention to the tyre conditions and have them replaced with cheap options if the treads are worn. Tyres are the main bargaining point with dealers and private buyers.  

You should also gather all documentation and paperwork. You can get leverage with car buying services and dealers by showing them record of all your repair and servicing paperwork.  

Long registration and roadworthy certificate makes your Nissan more appealing to buyers. It gives them peace of mind that there are minimal additional on road costs after the initial purchase.   

A Nissan will always sell quickly when it is presented as mechanically sound, with reasonably low kilometres for its age.

Preparing A Vehicle For Sale With Quality Photographs

If you are selling your car privately online, then make sure you click good photos to show your Nissan in its best light.  

While it’s easy to just snap a few shots and put up an advert, it may not necessarily get premium buyers interested. You really have to put effort in clicking photos if you want the right buyer to notice your car.  

Good pictures can make all the difference to piquing potential buyers’ interest and may just prevent them from bargaining.  

Try clicking on overcast days or just before dusk to reduce glare from sunlight. Avoid positioning the car in an area where there is direct shade falling on it.  

Make sure you clean your car right before a photo session. Even the slightest mud or line of grime can be mistaken for a scratch or other damage.  

Set A Realistic Price To Sell Your Car Quickly

It might be tempting for you to expect a grand or two above the average price. However, it is important to be realistic. Pricing your car unrealistically high may deter buyers and could make you lose out on a good deal. Sites such as Redbook provide values on Australian vehicles – useful to refer to when looking to sell a vehicle.

Overpricing during private sales will make other buyers lose interest in your Nissan. This could also extend the time it takes to sell the car. You can use many pricing tools available online to get a ball park figure for what your car is worth.  

Content Of Advertisement Of Vehicle For Sale

You will have to write an ad if you decide to sell your car online. You will get more attention which will help you sell your car faster if your advertisement is clear, concise, and correct. You need to be precise in listing your facts and description of the car.  

Make sure you provide details about the make, model and variant, year of manufacture, engine and transmission, other options and its general condition.  

Don’t forget to mention the odometer reading and highlight if it is low for its age. Avoid abbreviations and jargon that may make it difficult for readers to understand what you mean. 

Once you are done typing the advertisement, make sure you proof-read it and run a spell-check.  

Look for typos and do a final scan of all facts and figures. It is ok to be honest about imperfections. Otherwise, you would just end up wasting yours and the buyer’s time.  

Final Thoughts 

You can easily get the best price for your vehicle by following these tips. Always remember that haggling is a major factor when selling a used car. Be prepared for the buyer (private buyer, dealer, or a car buying service) to negotiate on all points.  

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