Most Anticipated New Car Launches Of Australia in 2019

The Best New Cars Coming to Australia in 2019

With one third of 2019 already behind us, it’s time to start thinking about some of the best new cars that Australians will get the chance to enjoy this year.  

After all, for car lovers in Australia, one of the best aspects of a new year is looking forward to all the new makes and models that find their way to Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond. From best-selling small cars to premium players and of course – the long-awaited arrival of the electric super car Tesla, there is a whole lot to look forward to when it comes to the new cars Australians will have the option to buy. 

To navigate what you can look forward to in the coming months, here are some of the highlights that you will absolutely want to keep your eye on if you’re in the market for a new automobile.

2019 Mazda 3

Arrival – June 


There is no secret that the arrival of the all-new Mazda 3 is a big deal for Australians. Part of the reason why is because Mazda continues to perform as one of the top-selling brands in Australia. 

To put just how important this car is to Australian drivers into perspective, considering the fact that the out-going model that is on the verge of being replaced by 2019’s model will still finish as the Japanese brand’s top-selling model. Thanks to that, there’s no shock that this new model is a big deal. 

The first thing that all potential buyers will notice is that the Phase II version of Mazda’s long-standing Kodo design language; a sleek and swooping new design in both hatch and sedan style. It is initially expected to come with two petrol engine options – a 2.0 or 2.5-litire option, but something even more special is coming later in the year. The new Mazda 3 will feature Mazda’s ‘Skyactiv-X’ technology; a state of the art petrol engine which uses diesel-style compression ignition and a supercharger to reduce fuel use by as much as 30 per cent, while boosting torque by between 10 and 30 per cent.

BMW 3 Series


Arrival – March

This latest model of the iconic 3 series arrived on Australia’s shores in March, but it’s still damn new for drivers across the county. 

BMW is making a real attempt make a comeback against Mercedes’ highly successful C-Class. They plan on doing so by launching the two different four-cylinder variants including the 330i and the 320d. However, the most exciting option that the German giant have in store is the high-powered M340i xDrive which featured a six-cylinder engine and an all-wheel drife option so you can burn and turn on every road condition Australia has to offer.

While the car has a very similar look as its predecessors at first glance, there are actually quite a lot of changes to the body as well.

This year’s model rides on an all-new modular platform and is 76mm longer, and 16mm wider than the car it replaces. 

As a result, the overall body rigidity is increased by up to 50 percent in some areas of the car, and it’s lighter and more aerodynamic than the car it replaces. If you’re looking for a fun ride, all this should come as very good news.

Toyota Corolla Sedan

Arrival: Late July


Australia’s top-selling small hatchback is back and while countries around the world have gotten both a hybrid and petrol option, there is still no word on whether or not Aussies can expect bothj. 

What fans of Corolla do know is that the hatch line-up is going to be the new beloved addition to the Corolla family in Australia. With a useful price and surprisingly luxury-like interioroptions and standard infotainment systems, there’s little doubt that this one will be flying off the lots once it final arrives in Australia.

Tesla Model 3


Late 2019

At long last, Tesla’s first semi-affordable EV is set to arrivein Australia in late 2019. At keast, that’s the hope. 

Right-hand drive production began in the middle of 2019 and the first models are subsequently expected to arrive in the middle of year. That being said, Tesla has now become known for delays in productions, missed deadlines, and more so there is quite a possibility that a similar delay will take place here. Many Australians are excited to sell their car to purchase an electric vehicle.

That being sai, whenever the Tesla Model 3 does arrive, there will be quite the cause for celebration for car lovers in the land of Oz. The main draw of the Model 3 is far more affordable than y the Model S and Model X. With the Model 3 coming in at around $35,000 in the United States, the most affordable model in Australia is expected to be worth somewhere around $50,000 before on-road costs are applied. 

Even with the fairly high price tag, there are a lot of reasons why the excitement surrounded around the Model 3 is well-deserved. 

This  car will give you a promised 530km range, a 0-100km/h sprint of just over 5.6 seconds and a flying top speed of around 210km/h. These are numbers to impress even the most devoted sports car driver.

Inside, expect the huge standard 15-inch tablet-style screen that controls all the major functions, as well as dual-zone climate control, standard navigation, voice control, and Wi-Fi and mobile data capability for over-the-air updates.

There’s LED lighting, a small army of exterior cameras and radars, and – if it matches the S and X in Australia – a fantastic eight-year warranty.

There are many more new models coming to Australia in the year of 2019, but these are the ones that true car lovers will be keeping an eye on. Whether it’s a day-to-day people mover like the Toyota, the German engineering work of art like the BMW, or the futuristic and exciting Tesla, there will be a whole lot to look forward to in the remaining months of 2019. 

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