How Often Should You Replace the Tyres on Your Car

Whether you simply work from home and use your cars for just running errands and exploring the town, you have a long work commute you have to make on a daily basis, you’re going to have to change your car tyres.

Of course the more miles you cover, the quicker your tyes are going to need to be changes. Keeping that in mind, there is no specific time in which your tyres have to get changed. It’s much less dependent on change – and even not so dependent on miles driven – but it is dependent on the wear and tear that you put your car tyres through.

Instead of keeping in mind the time you have spent on the road or the miles you have driven, you should actually just look out for a series of indications. Knowing the signs and indications of tyre wear will help you ensure that every journey you take is safer.

In fact, it could be the difference between you avoiding a collision and keeping your car, yourself, and the people you love safe, and experiencing a dangerous accident. Some people want to simply sell a car when their tires need replacement. That is somewhat extreme however and replacing tires can do just fine!.

What leads to wear and tear on your tyres

Driving style

There are quite a few factors that can have an impact on how quickly your tyres will need to get changed. Believe it or not, your own driving style can lead to a shorter life span for your tires, and it’s quite an easy thing to control. Driving fast and slamming on the breaks will wear on your tire’s tread more quickly. Accelerating and cornering can also shorten the lifespan of your tyres.

Location and weather

Another factor that can dramatically impact the lifespan of the wear of your tyres is where you live. Not because tyres are better in some places than they are in others, but instead because certain weather conditions can have a huge impact. Soaring temperatures will heat the road up and could lead to cracks. Wet weather can directly wear the tread of your tyre away.The same can be said for snow, ice, and slush.

One great way to mitigate the impact that that comes with living in a bad weather environment is to have a closed garage. This will help keep the life of your tyres alive for longer than if you had to park your car outside.

Tyre pressure

The final major factor that can have an impact on your tyre’s tread is tyre pressure. Make sure to keep your tyres at a suitable pressure. Tyres that are at a significantly lower pressure than their optimal rate will wear more quickly because they will flatten and more of the rubber will be in contact with the road, causing an increased amount of friction,

How to check your tyre’s tread

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