No Future For Petrol and Diesel Cars


By 2050, petrol and diesel cars will become non-existent on roads, according to the European Commission.

Transport plans, which were announced this week, states that by 2030 petrol and diesel cars will be halved in European cities before being completely phased out by 2050.

This has been decided in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will eventually include rail, shipping and airlines to reach the goal of reducing emissions “by 80-95 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050.” This will not only help the reduction of greenhouse gas but also oil dependence, local air and noise pollution and the EU’s oil import bill.

According to the document, it will not be enough to use hybrid cars and vehicles to cut emissions.

It will take removing all petrol and diesel vehicles, moving half of the freight road transport to either water or rail and getting airlines to use low-carbon fuels to reduce greenhouse gas by 60 per cent.

This move is now becoming international as US President Barack Obama declared The White House will only buy “advance technology vehicles” for the Government in order to reduce oil imports over 10 years.

Some of these vehicles include electric cars, E85 cars, hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

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