Rego Stickers Abolished: SA Follows WA’s Lead

That sticky rego label in the corner of your windscreen will soon be a thing of the past for Adelaide drivers. The State Government announced the obliteration of the registration sticker earlier this week, claiming that the abolishment, which will commence in July 2011, will cover cars, motorcycles and trailers. The Government also believes the initiative will save up to $5.6 million. 

Replacing the stickers will be a computer registration system, whereby police can authenticate registration via portable electronic equipment in patrol vehicles.

Adelaide’s Minister for Government Enterprises, Gail Gago, claims that the State is following in the footsteps of neighboring state, Western Australia.

“Western Australia successfully abolished rego labels and discs in January and we’ve been advised that the transition has gone smoothly,” Gago said.

Gago also went on to claim that the change could save up to $5.6 million over a three-year period, as it eliminates production, postage and processing costs. 

60 law enforcement patrol vehicles will be equipped with mobile data terminals, in order to accommodate the new process of checking registration. Motorists can now also conveniently verify their rego particulars online. 

Subsequently, renewal fees will increase by $2, while renewal notices will be sent to drivers six weeks prior to the expiry date. Moreover, drivers will no longer have the six or nine month registration options; rather they will have the choice between three or twelve month registration.

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